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Wednesday, 8-Mar-2006 06:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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The new batch of students has come in..This is in remembrance of my 3mths course class..Brought back my own memories of my own past.

Monday, 20-Feb-2006 09:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
same day same date

Must be his 1st yr Class
MCS grad tea fer 3rd yrs
In action against AJC on our pitch
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20 Dec 04 was my last update. Before this page is declared dead,I think it's only apt that it's updated on the same day,same date.Lots of things have happened in between,but currently on my mind,it's the demise of our friend and brother on Feb 9 06,affectionately known as Eem.Here's a peek into his life.

Monday, 20-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Apu weds Isliana

Akad nikah...twice
The supporters
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references: Hana's page,Mas's page,Siti's page

These are hijacked photos.But at least i acknowledge la to avoid plagiarism.will update more when i get more.I've no more digicam and too lazy to get another.Actually i have but nvm..too busy on the wedding.Inai dijari merah saga menyala mempelai berseri diatas singgah sana.Suasana seperti pertabalan diraja,beza hanya ini perkawinan si mama..

Tuesday, 29-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Greeks went to India-Ooty,Smyrna,Taj Mahal,Agra Fort..

Hi we're the Hectors
And we're mean...
I really mean..mean
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The team of 25-Luqhman(Achilles),Azuan(Agamemnon),Me(Hector),Ali(Paris),Hejazi(Socrates?),Cassim(Pythagoreas?),Reza,Siva Guy,Daniel,Nanthini,Gerry,Aisha,Ain,Huda,Yani,Zub,Atiqah,Ain Maths,Mala,Hetty,Sahirah,Anisa,Azah,Aneesa,Siva Girl...(All Helens)

In remembrance of the Children of Smyrna,the likes of Sam,Johnson,Nitia,Ajay,Manoj,Seetha,Suresh,Siva,Aswr,Anursia(sp.),Sara and others.

Special mention to my blood brother JR Wilson and his wife, his two lovely angels Kristina and Valentia.

Sunday, 30-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sibu-The return of Agamemnon

It's a good day for the crows dun u think?
Let's do it the old way.Our best man against yours. which is it...
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Achilles and the men returned to Sibu yet again. Agamemnon's still there.Hector's still there.So's King Priam.The only diff is we brought along Shawty and her clique and King priam brought the Queen.Not to mention Paris and other bogus characters who formed the extras troupe..

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